FSC Friday 2010

Most Innovative Event

The most innovative event in 2010 was held by Arjowiggins Graphic. The staff organised a ‘My favourite tree’ event where all employees were asked to draw, write about or build their favorite tree from play-doh - all on 9lives FSC certified paper from PaperCo. Congratulations to all Arjowiggins staff for their original idea.

”We are all guilty of taking paper for granted, and most probably, do not spare a thought for its journey from forest to consumer.  I think our FSC Fun Day promoted the importance of looking after our source material, raised awareness within the workforce, and allowed us the opportunity to have lots of Fun and Socialise with our Colleagues !  It was great !”
Shona Stronach,  Arjowiggins

Runner-Up Event

Congratulations to the staff at 4DM Group in Kettering for being the runners up of the innovative FSC Friday event competition. The staff at 4DM Group came up with several ideas for celebrating FSC Friday, they used factory notice boards and FSC leaflets to spread the FSC message, along with encouraging staff, via an company on line calendar, to visit their local woods and forests. An internal ‘spot the leaf‘ competition, ‘plant a tree pledge’ and ‘wear something green at work‘ combined nicely with their ‘ cake for charity’ morning.

FSC Friday Promotions & Events 2010

Several companies helped us promote FSC over the FSC Friday 2010 weekend. Some offered discounts on FSC stock, others raised awareness of FSC and, many highlighted FSC Friday in their newsletters and websites. FSC UK would like to thank Go Ape, Bristol Zoo, Dorling Kindersley, Home Retail Group, Muji, Otter House, Quay Imports and Fair Deal Trading for the donation of prizes; Kimberly Clark for their sponsorship of the competition flyers and Hallmark for their sponsorship of T-shirts.

(c) Woolhampton School

Best Photograph

This photograph is of the winning den builders at the Watch Grand Day out at Snipes Dale. The photo was taken by Mary Porter, Wildlife Watch Organiser, Lincolnshire, at the Watch grand day out event at Snipes Dale.

Winning Den Builders (© FSC UK)© FSC UKWinning Den Builders

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