FSC General Assembly 2014

The General Assembly 2014 marked the 20th anniversary of FSC’s continuous efforts to find solutions that benefit people and forests worldwide.

General Assembly 2008The 7th FSC General Assembly took place in Seville Spain, from 7th-14th September 2014 and brought together FSC members and stakeholders from around the world, to participate in a unique and democratic forum. It was also an opportunity to celebrate two decades of successfully promoting responsible forest management.

For information on the events that took place at the GA 2014, you can visit the GA 2014 website, which provides information on the motions passed during the two day forum.

Here you can watch videos of the daily highlights of the Assembly and footage from the FSC +20 Fora, which include panel discussions on topics such as 'Tropical Forests in Trouble' and 'Too much demand, too little supply: Managing security of supply in a competitive world'. There are also many interesting articles on the 'Opinion and Analysis' page about FSC and the issues it is facing today.

Invitation to attend the FSC GA 2017

All FSC members are invited to attend and vote at the FSC General Assembly 2017, as well as to formulate and submit motions. Information of the FSC General Assembly 2017 is available here.

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