What is FSC Membership?

(© FSC UK)© FSC UKFSC is a democratic organisation that is governed by its members. FSC brings together, amongst others, environmental and social NGOs, timber traders, forestry and indigenous peoples’ organisations, retailers, manufacturers and interested individuals.

Members apply to join one of three chambers: environmental, social or economic, which are further sub-divided into northern and southern sub-chambers. Voting is weighted to ensure that each chamber and sub-chamber gets an equal say. This guarantees that influence is shared equitably between different interest groups and levels of economic power.

Our members contribute directly to upholding a system which ensures that the harvest of forest products is balanced with maintaining the biodiversity, productivity and ecological stability of forests, and that local people get a fair share of the benefits.

Membership or certification?

(© FSC IC / FSC UK)© FSC IC / FSC UKFSC membership is separate to FSC certification. In order to make or label FSC certified products you would need to hold FSC certification. FSC membership is not mandatory for FSC certified companies or licence holders.

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