How you can get involved

Blandford Forest, Dorset sky (© FSC UK / E. Parker)© FSC UK / E. ParkerThe main way to get involved in this project is as a member of the consultative forum.

Most of the work in this project will be undertaken by the Standards Development Group, but the standard development process will include two rounds of public consultation and a forest test.

Anyone in the consultative forum will be contacted directly whenever there are opportunities to feed into the process by commenting on drafts, providing evidence or sharing views.

It is vitally important that we have input from individuals and organisations representing a wide range of interests; see the box below.

Stakeholder interests

Stakeholder InterestsAbove and beyond this project, we remain open to any practicable suggestions for improving access to certification, or for developing greater incentives for and benefits from certification for smallholders, recognising their unique role in responsible forest management.

Get stuck in

To get involved, please contact Owen Davies at, clearly stating:

  • Whether you are applying on your own behalf or on behalf of an organisation, and
  • What stakeholder interests you represent; see the box.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do get in touch with Owen.

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