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Thursday, 01 August 2019
Clued up at Kew – UK members to enjoy a taste of timber sleuthing

Each autumn, FSC UK holds an Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM) for all FSC members based in the UK. Membership is separate from certification and gives organisations and individuals the opportunity to input into the future direction of FSC.

This year, in recognition of our exciting and innovative collaboration with Kew Gardens, the AMM will take place at Cambridge Cottage, the former royal residence of the Duke of Cambridge, nestled in a quiet, private corner of the gardens.

In addition to the formal proceedings and staff updates of the AMM, attendees will enjoy a presentation from Kew’s Research Leader – Wood & Timber, Peter Gasson, and a behind the scenes tour of Kew’s research facilities. The gardens will also be accessible throughout the day.

Timber Identification

As you may have read in the press, FSC is working with researchers at Kew on a Global Timber Referencing Project. Tree samples collected from FSC-certified forests will join those collected by the likes of Charles Darwin and David Livingstone to build a timber database. This work will enable scientific techniques for identifying timber sources to be applied more widely, thus supporting the global fight against illegal logging.

FSC Membership

FSC has over 1000 members from across the globe, working together to find solutions to the problems facing forests and the people that depend on them. Members are the highest decision-making body of FSC and enjoy first-hand information on new developments in certification, including participating in the development of policies, consultation processes, reviews of standards and regular audit consultations.

The FSC General Assembly, held every three years, is where motions on the future direction of the FSC system are proposed and voted upon by members. In preparation for the FSC General Assembly 2020, FSC International members are invited to attend FSC regional meetings. These two-day meetings will address important membership issues and provide our members with the opportunity to discuss and provide feedback on key topics. The regional meeting for Europe and CIS will be held on 9-10 October 2019 in Prague.

Attending the AMM

The FSC UK AMM will be held on 24 October 2019. A limited number of places are available for non-members, please contact FSC UK if you would be interested in attending.

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