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Friday, 29 May 2020
Future Fabrics Virtual Expo Live


Join The Sustainable Angle for a specially curated week of events from the 1st - 8th July dedicated to sustainable sourcing solutions with insights spotlighting the latest innovations from industry experts.

The Future Fabrics Virtual Expo is an online research and sourcing platform, with a newly increased search capability, and opportunity for direct contact with mills.

This online tool aims to introduce fabric buyers and designers to international mills and suppliers of sustainable textiles, allowing constant access to specifications and sustainability focused information specific to featured fabrics with a reduced environmental impact, any time, from anywhere.

The Future Fabrics Virtual Expo will be free to access during this LIVE week! The fabrics on the platform are searchable by categories from fibre type and price, to certification and provenance. The educational background information alongside each fabric makes it a valuable tool for both designers and buyers new to the area of sustainable textiles and materials, as well as those with established sustainable sourcing strategies.

Discover a showcase of brand new materials in their ever expanding range of individually sourced materials from international mills. The resource represents a diverse overview of high quality sustainable fabrics in all fibre categories. Explore the latest recycling innovations in all fibre categories, organic cottons, man-made cellulosics, low impact wools and animal fibres, sustainable silks, linens, bast fibres and organic cotton blends, responsibly produced leather and innovative alternatives to animal skins.

Visit their website here.

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