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Wednesday, 10 February 2021
FSC Germany Hosts Digital Conference Series about Sustainable Forest Management

FSC Germany offers a forum to discuss various forest conditions and challenges. During these digital events, high-level experts from politics, society and FSC critically assess different issues related to forest certification. Participation and discussion are very welcome.

FSC always strives to address issues which may invite scrutiny amongst its stakeholders and wider public. To enable open debate about the conditions of FSC forests across countries, with actors from the affected areas, FSC Germany has invited experts from around the world to discuss “virtually” these matters with us.

Lively, controversial and authentic – the FSC Germany Digital Conference series offers participants a broad range of perspectives and exciting debates to expand their own views of certification and the current situation in the world's forests. Panel representatives from around the globe will debate the critical issues facing sustainable forest management with the audience. They will address the fundamental question of forest certification from their different perspectives and ask: How does the FSC system demonstrate its reliability?

A total of six digital conferences will take place, which started in December 2020 and will end in March 2021. The opening forum is in German and the following discussion panels will be held in English. Registration and participation are free of charge. The event’s livestream will be broadcast on this page. Participants who join the live stream do not need to register, and they can type their questions and comments, which will be sent directly to the speaker panel.

The upcoming events from this digital conference series are:

  • 11 February, 3pm GMT - FSC in Russia: Does FSC certification make a difference in Russia?
  • 25 February 3pm GMT - FSC in Ukraine: How is certification possible in an environment with a high risk of corruption?
  • 10 March, 3pm GMT - FSC in Brasil: Forest plantations - Green deserts or prospects for sustainable land use and raw material extraction?
  • 23 March, 3pm GMT - Closing Event: How can the forest still be saved? Does the forest need a strong state or a strong FSC?

Find out more and register here.

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