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Friday, 19 November 2021
Building Sustainably: Benefits of building with FSC-certified mass timber

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November 24 2021, 14.00 - 15.00

Join FSC International for a conversation on building with certified wood and meeting sustainability targets. Learn more about the benefits of building sustainably, and hear from professional and industry experts on the latest trends related to the use of timber in sustainable buildings.

• Sebastian Bildau, Architect, CF Moller Architects
• Carlo Battisti, President, Living Future Europe
• Antonio J Lara, Assistant professor, Technical University of Madrid
• Moderated by: Trevor Armel, Programme Manager, FSC International

About this event
Most climate neutrality game plans rely on healthy and resilient forests to succeed. Destruction of the world’s forests, however, continues to be a major climate crisis contributor - with approximately 13 per cent of annual carbon emissions occurring from deforestation (source: IUCN). At the same time, forests have the potential to sequester the construction sector’s annual emissions five times over.

Protecting the world's forests by building green
In short, increasing the demand for sustainably sourced wood can safeguard forests from major deforestation drivers. FSC certification exists as an effective forest protection solution to prevent deforestation, preserve biodiversity and enhance carbon storage in forests. Certified forest products are also given a second life as buildings – retaining carbon over their lifetime.

When designing green buildings of the future, architects and designers play a key role in protecting forests by specifying the use of certified mass timber products like cross-laminated timber.

Who should attend
This webinar is designed for all construction professionals: project managers, investors, architects, designers, engineers, and procurement officials who are interested in exploring how mass timber may be relevant for their projects.

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