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Thursday, 17 October 2013
Consultation: UK Controlled Wood Risk Assessment

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Risk status for Northern Ireland to be amended

The FSC Controlled Wood Risk Assessment for the United Kingdom (FSC-CWRA-006-GBR V2-1) was approved in March 2011. FSC UK is now launching a 30 day consultation on version 2-2 of the Assessment, which has been updated in light of the implementation of felling license regulations in Northern Ireland.

At the time of approval, FSC UK publicly stated that timber sourced from Northern Ireland would be regarded as an Unspecified Risk rather than a Low Risk (as is the case with the remainder of United Kingdom) – until such time as a felling license regime had been implemented, following the entering into force of the Forestry Act (Northern Ireland) 2010 on 30th Sept 2010 and supplementary legislation on felling licenses.

Felling license regulation has now been implemented in Northern Ireland and the time has come to update the UK Risk Assessment accordingly. A full revision of the Assessment will follow next year, but for the purpose of this amendment the information and evidence for Controlled Wood category 1 (illegally harvested wood) has been updated.

If you would like to comment on the changes made to the evidence presented for category 1 (illegally harvested wood) of the assessment, the introduction of felling licenses in Northern Ireland, and the change of risk status for category 1 (illegally harvested wood) for Northern Ireland from unspecified risk to low risk please respond to the consultation on or before 16th November 2013.

All consultation responses should be sent to Tallulah Chapman at tallulah at fsc-uk point org on or before 16th November 2013.

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