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Friday, 28 September 2012
FSC Friday 2012

Be Modern planting trees with a local nursery on FSC Friday 2012! (© Be Modern)© Be Modern

FSC Friday was held for the fifth time in 2012 and was celebrated throughout the UK and around the world!

FSC Friday in the UK

Events took place in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and awareness of the importance of forests and the role that FSC plays was raised in businesses, schools, groups and forests.

Many FSC certified businesses held awareness-raising activities for staff and customers with a range of activities,  including coffee breaks with FSC themed cakes, staff talks, internal quizzes, dressing up in green, distribution of information, installing bird boxes and even an installation on Tottenham Court Road in London! Customers were offered discounts by FSC certified companies and many businesses used social media to spread the word about their FSC Friday activities!

Numerous schools and groups celebrated with FSC Friday assemblies, forest walks and forest-themed arts and crafts. Tree planting also took place in conjunction with local businesses, with some being attended by the local town
mayors! Education packs with FSC themed lessons and activities were distributed and FSC UK also liaised with FSC Russia to twin UK schools with schools in Russia, giving pupils the opportunity to correspond about their relationship  with forests using FSC certified postcards.

Forestry Commission England linked their annual Forest Discovery Day with FSC Friday thereby also helping to spread the FSC message to forest visitors!

FSC Friday internationally!

FSC Friday has become increasingly international and this year FSC Friday was celebrated in 23 countries! The international FSC Friday website, Facebook and Twitter profiles raised awareness worldwide and events included the launch of an FSC road show by FSC Czech Republic, hosting an FSC Village in Paris by FSC France, workshops for children and adults held by FSC Peru and events held by schools, businesses and FSC National Offices in Australia, Russia, Denmark, Spain and many more countries!

FSC Friday also saw Amsterdam signing an FSC Covenant underlining its sustainable ambitions and in Germany the €500,000 question on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? asked the contender whether the FSC logo was found on tissues, herring salad, drawing pins or nail polish remover. Although the contestant did not know the answer, awareness about FSC was definitely raised far and wide on FSC Friday 2012!

FSC Friday 2013 will be held on Friday 27th September! Join us next year in raising awareness of the importance of forests and the role of FSC!  Click here for more information on FSC Friday 2013!

FSC Friday cakes are very popular! (© Cubicle Centre)© Cubicle CentreBeech Hall School learning about the importance of responsible forestry on FSC Friday 2012 (© Beech Hall School)© Beech Hall SchoolBoard 24 celebrating FSC Friday 2012 with a cardboard forest! (© Board 24)© Board 24

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