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Thursday, 14 November 2013
The Born Free Foundation is the newest UK FSC member

One of Born Free’s projects is helping to protect forests in and around Kahuzi-Biega National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Eastern Lowland Gorillas such as Chimanuka live (© Ian Redmond)© Ian Redmond

The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity working to stop wild animal suffering, rescue individual animals in need and protect species in their natural habitat.

The charity was founded by Virginia McKenna OBE and Bill Travers in 1984, following their starring roles in the classic film ‘Born Free’. Today, led by their son Will Travers OBE, Born Free has grown into a global force for wild animal welfare and compassionate conservation, striving to keep wildlife in the wild by ensuring the survival of threatened species and their habitats. We are therefore excited to announce that Born Free is the newest UK-based international FSC member, enabling them to participate as part of FSC’s highest decision-making body, the General Assembly.

“Born Free is pleased to join the FSC Environmental Chamber being an NGO that values the forest and all its inhabitants and supports conservation projects in forests around the world” Ian Redmond OBE, Wildlife Consultant to the Born Free Foundation

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The Born Free Foundation is the newest UK FSC member

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