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Thursday, 28 November 2013
FSC Gorilla Auction

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This year Bristol Zoo launched a brand new conservation campaign to celebrate the re-opening of their Gorilla House. They teamed up with FSC UK to encourage families to purchase FSC certified products for their summer barbecues.

Over 5,000 visitors took part, and their evaluation showed that visiting the campaign led to statistically significant improvements in FSC logo recognition and intention to purchase FSC products. The FSC Gorilla started out as an unpainted surplus of Paignton Zoo’s ‘Great Gorillas project’. The Bristol Zoo campaign team came up with a tree design and left white spaces so that children who visited the campaign could add their fingerprints, meaning that the trees became leafier and leafier as the campaign progressed. By the end of the summer holidays the trees were covered with green fingerprints, symbolising the amount of families who had pledged to purchase FSC products.

A high gloss and UV resistant varnish was then applied, to ensure the gorilla will remain protected from weathering and damage (photos of the FSC Gorilla can be seen below). He is currently on display in the zoo, and nobody who walks past can resist saying hello to him or taking a photo. The FSC Gorilla is very special, because he is 100% a product of Bristol Zoo Gardens’ staff and visitors. He is now being auctioned off to raise funds for next year’s campaign. All of the money raised from this auction lot will go towards the campaign for 2014, so that FSC UK and Bristol Zoo can engage thousands more families.

If you would like to bid for the FSC Gorilla please email Natasha Filer at nfiler at point uk before Wednesday 11th December when the auction will take place.

Bristol Zoo's GorillaBristol Zoo's Gorilla

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