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Thursday, 12 December 2013
FSC Friday 2013 Cakes... so many to choose from!

The winning FSC Friday 2013 cake (© Cubicle Centre)© Cubicle Centre

FSC Friday themed cakes have been enjoyed across the UK over the years and we felt that it was high time to award a 'best FSC Friday Cake' award.

A part of many FSC Friday celebrations is to make (and eat!) FSC Friday themed cakes. We have received more photos of cakes this year than ever before and felt that it was time to acknowledge these masterpieces with a 'Best FSC Friday Cake' award!

We are pleased to announce that the 2013 winner is Pat Freeman, an accountant at the Cubicle Centre.  Pat's 2013 cake looked fantastic and we have been assured that the cake tasted even better than it looked.

The Cubicle Centre has informed us that Pat has a long history of cake-making and often bakes for charity events. Her cake portfolio includes classics such as a pint glass, Wallace & Gromit, a metre long crocodile and even a life size guitar replica.  Pat wanted to contribute to FSC Friday because she is a strong supporter of animal welfare and environmental issues.  To make her cakes she uses fair trade products and free range eggs collected from her nine chickens who live in her garden.  The Cubicle Centre team participate in FSC Friday each year to promote the use of their responsibly sourced wood products, which include toilet cubicles, vanity units and duct kits.

Another event in which cakes played a part was in the 6th Lochaber Beaver and Cub Scout Group (the Braes) FSC Friday celebration in which a cake making / decorating competition for the Cubs and Beavers was held.  We were sent 34 photos of scrumptious creations and would like to award the Braes a runners up prize.  Three of the cakes can be seen below alongside a selection of cake photos we received from companies across the UK.

Pat has been awarded the photo of her cake framed (in an FSC certified frame) as well as an FSC certified rolling pin. The Braes beavers and cubs will be receiving FSC certified wooden spoons and wrist bands.

Well done to all of the winners.  We look forward to seeing the FSC Friday 2014 cake creations!

You can see a selection of cakes below and please visit our FSC Friday cakes Pinterest board for more!

The Braes cubs and scouts made some wonderful cakes...The Braes cubs and scouts made some wonderful cakes...The Braes cubs and scouts made some wonderful cakes...(c) Board24(c) A3 Design and Print(c) Border Oak(c) Ahmarra(c) Smurfit Kappa March(c) Display Plan

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