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Thursday, 19 December 2013
The FSC Friday 2013 'Best Photo' Awards go to... Moorland Primary School and Westbridge Furniture Design!

Moorland Primary School's FSC Friday assembly

We have received lots of photos from schools, businesses, a zoo and scout groups showing how FSC Friday has been celebrated around the country and it was difficult to choose a 'Best FSC Friday 2013 Photo' winner and runner-up.

We are pleased to announce that Moorland Primary School has clinched first place with their photo showing an FSC Friday assembly performed by Year 5 pupils.  The children have gone to a lot of effort to raise awareness of responsible forestry and the FSC label and we feel that the photo really conveys the spirit of FSC Friday.  In addition to the assembly, an Eco-Council meeting was held with members of the Eco-Committee from their local church, the school tried to have a paper free day and the youngest children took part in junk modelling and mark-making in shaving foam.

Second place is being awarded to Westbridge Furniture Designs Ltd for their great photo of their FSC Friday 2013 sofa race!  The company manufacture upholstered furniture for companies including Marks & Spencer, NEXT and John Lewis. On FSC Friday, they decided to have the furniture equivalent of a ‘three legged race’, which entailed two lots of three men inside a sofa frame (not much room for long legs to move at any great speed), racing the length of the factory (on the outside of course!).  We have been told that the Health & Safety Manager did unfortunately deem the race ‘unsafe’ (but not before they took some great team shots!).  The frames used by the teams are for the Marks and Spencer's ‘Plan A’ Abbey sofa range, and so the timber is FSC Certified.

Well done to our award winners and thank you to everybody that has sent us their event photos.

FSC Friday 2014 will be held on Friday 26 September.  Get in touch to get involved!

Look out for our video of FSC Friday 2013 photos - coming out soon!

Moorland Primary School's FSC Friday assemblyWestbridge Furniture Designs Ltd taking part in the three legged sofa race... before the Health & Safety Manager put a stop to it!Westbridge Furniture Designs Ltd

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