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Thursday, 15 November 2012
New FSC Fibreboard Campaign

New FSC Fibreboard Campaign (© FSC International)© FSC International

FSC is launching a new campaign; “Change Our Fibreboards”, which focus on increasing the supply of FSC certified fibreboards in the market.

With companies like OTTO Group, Kingfisher and Nobia Denmark in front, FSC is encouraging companies to commit to the campaign in order to demonstrate that there is a real demand for FSC certified fibreboards.

Companies around the world experience a mismatch in the market for FSC certified fibreboards, caused by a limited supply of FSC certified fibreboards from the manufacturers and forest owners who claim that there is no market demand. The final producers, however, state that the board manufacturers and forest owners do not recognise the full business opportunities for FSC certified fibreboards.

This new FSC campaign aims to show forest owners and manufacturers of fibreboards that the market is interested in buying FSC certified products. Companies can commit to the campaign and define their fibreboard requirements at The aim is to compile a list of the total amount of FSC certified products needed on the market, which will then be brought to the attention of forest owners and manufacturers.

Three major companies in Europe have already chosen to support the campaign; OTTO Group, Kingfisher and Nobia Denmark. Kingfisher, one of the largest home improvement retailers in Europe, states; “Kingfisher supports an effort for more FSC certified board material on the market. Our 2020 target is to achieve 100% responsibly sourced timber and paper in all our operations, within which FSC is our preferred choice as the most stringent globally accepted certification scheme. This cannot be done alone; we need to engage others and participate globally in a collaborative manner and we very much encourage other companies to join this effort.”

The companies’ commitments will be sent to the forest owners and suppliers in Marts 2013 to demonstrate that the demand actually does exist. Read more on the campaign website:

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