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Tuesday, 11 November 2014
An insight into Project Certification – 240 Blackfriars

214 Blackfriars

This 19 story commercial office in central London achieved full FSC project certification

FSC project certification allows construction companies and clients to work together to ensure the use of sustainable wood in their buildings. Project certification can apply to new builds, refurbishments, and events such as festivals and exhibitions.

240 Blackfriars Road in central London is one such building, completed in 2014 and containing over 780 metres cubed of wood in various forms, from plywood used for construction through to kitchen fittings and panelling.

For a building to achieve full FSC project certification, more than 50% of the timber has to be FSC certified. In this case however, 98% of the wood came with certification, a fantastic result from the contractor MACE and Great Portland Estates. The remainder of the wood came from post-consumer recycled sources.

MACE has completed several buildings to FSC project certification and in 2012 gave itself the ambitious target of sourcing all key timber from FSC certified forests by 2015. This fits in well with their other ambitious environmental goals, including increasing biodiversity and reducing waste.

FSC project certification should be the norm for any environmentally conscious client or contractor, and we are glad that MACE is one of the companies leading the way, also working with external contractors within their supply chain to make sure they know how to follow the FSC guidelines.

For more information on project certification please see our explanatory page.

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