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Thursday, 07 March 2013
2012 saw three new FSC certifications in the Brazilian Amazon thanks to the work of The Amazon Alternative!

Brazilian Amazon (© FSC Denmark / Brian Kyed)© FSC Denmark / Brian Kyed

FSC Forest Management certification ensures that forests are managed to the highest environmental and social standards. Since FSC was founded in 1993, over 168 million hectares of forest have been certified worldwide!

An organisation that is working hard to increase the volume of FSC timber on the market is The Amazon Alternative (TAA), through various initiatives. An example of their success is their work in the Brazilian Amazon: between 2006 and 2012, there were no new FSC certifications in the Brazilian Amazon, but with the start of TAA activities in Brazil in 2010, work began again on achieving FSC certification of native forest areas. As a direct result, three Amazon forest companies obtained FSC certification of their forest management in 2012!

What is TAA?
The Amazon Alternative (TAA) is a partnership of forest and timber companies, NGOs, financial institutions, certifying bodies and governmental institutions. The objective of The Amazon Alternative (TAA) is to FSC certify 2.5 million ha of tropical forest in Brazil, Peru and Bolivia (the Amazon region) and to increase the volume of Amazon FSC timber on domestic and European timber markets. TAA works on the assumption that increasing demand and improved market access will stimulate forest managers (forest owners, concession holders and communities) to adopt FSC certified forest management.

A six minute introduction film about TAA can be seen by clicking here. The film explains TAA’s four main strategies and includes the opinion of TAA partners on the role of TAA in FSC certification in the Amazon.

For more information on TAA, please click here.

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