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Friday, 08 March 2013
FSC’s Certificate Holder Welcome Kit has been launched!

FSC’s Certificate Holder Welcome Kit has been launched!

New and renewing FSC Certificate Holders can now make us of a new portal to the FSC system, providing tools to maximize the benefits of FSC certification. The online Welcome Kit has been created to provide FSC Certificate Holders with direct access to FSC guidance and support and to help them take full advantage of their FSC certification.

New Certificate Holders will receive an email making them aware of the new Welcome Kit website, and they can use this website to find guidance on various aspects of the FSC system such as how to use the FSC trademarks and how they can promote their FSC certification through Marketplace and FSC Friday.

The Welcome Kit also provides new Certificate Holders with useful information on such topics as membership, contact details for local FSC representatives and information on the FSC labels.

If you are a current FSC Certificate Holder, you can of course also use the Welcome Kit to get better acquainted with FSC certification!

Please visit the FSC Certificate Holders Welcome Kit here:

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