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Friday, 15 December 2017
Send Responsible Season's Greetings this Christmas with FSC

Oh no, it is almost here and Santa’s not the only one checking a list. From the siblings, all the way down to the obscure relatives like great half-cousin Mabel, it’s now or never; you need to write the Christmas cards.

In 2016, we sent £1.7billion worth of greeting cards (GCAMarket Report 2016). That’s enough to wrap around the planet five times and keep on going.

You may think, with all that paper, Christmas must take a toll on the world’s forests. Not necessarily this is where your actions can really make a difference.

By only purchasing and sending cards with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label, you are ensuring that your season’s greetings come from a responsible source and are not contributing to deforestation.

Where to buy your cards

Many retailers sell cards with the FSC label, good places to look are with FSC licensed retailers, such as Sainsbury’s or Marks and Spencer. To get you started, here are a few beautiful FSC certified designs available this year:

SnowyPerch Christmas Cards (Pack of 8)
This idyllic wintery scene of a chirping red robincelebrates the majesty of winter.

GoldenSnowflake Christmas Cards (Pack of 10)
An elegantly styled card, in a traditional colour scheme ofgreen and gold.

Recycle, recycle,recycle

Recycling means making the most of forest resources. We encourage recycling wherever possible and promote certified products made from recycled materials with our FSC Recycled label. When the end of this season comes around, be sure that you are being as responsible as FSC-certified sources, and send your waste back into the manufacturing system.

To support recycling efforts, Sainsbury’s, in partnership with FSC UK, are offering customers the opportunity to recycle their old Christmas cards,‘paper’ wrapping paper and defunct Christmas lights in store from Boxing Day until 8 January 2018. A donation will be made to FSC UK in the new year based on the volume of cards collected. Last year the scheme collected 98.8 tonnes, equating to a donation of more than £8,000.

So to the millions of people on boxing day who will besorting the paper from the plastic and the tin from the card, we thank you.

Those materials could even be a part of your Christmas in 2018. For more on FSC-certified recycled products, see our factsheet.

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