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Wednesday, 21 March 2018
FSC UK consumer survey results 2018

FSC-labelled door stack (© Vicaima)© Vicaima

Three quarters of UK citizens believe it is important for the products they purchase to have been responsibly sourced, a recent consumer survey conducted by TNS* has revealed.

And as public awareness around the environmental impact of plastics reaches new heights; businesses, organisations and the government itself have announced ways in which they will change and innovate to counter the tidal wave of waste.

As this renaissance takes hold, it is important that organisations making the transition do so in a responsible manner. Switching from oil-derived plastics to forest-based materials can be a positive move, but if not implemented correctly it can have a major impact on the environment.

Without credible, independent certification, it can be difficult to be sure that a forest product has been sourced responsibly and is not contributing to global deforestation.

55% of people in the UK recognise the FSC logo, the mark of responsible forestry.

69% would prefer to buy a product bearing the FSC logo, compared to one without, a figure that rises to 75% when it is stipulated that there are no other visible differences between the products (e.g. size, cost etc.).

The FSC logo helps brands align with public expectations and demonstrate their responsible sourcing. The label indicates that forest products, such as wood and paper are made with responsibly sourced materials from FSC-certified forests and reclaimed (recycled) sources.

68% of people who were already aware of the FSC logo thought it important that products made from wood or paper carry the logo, to inform their purchasing decision.

Rosie Teasdale, Executive Director at FSC UK said: “If we want forests to be here for future generations, it is vital that we source our wood and paper products responsibly.”

“It is really encouraging to see just how many people in the UK care about where the products they buy are coming from. Choosing and promoting FSC-certified products and materials is one way to help ensure forests for all forever, allowing us to enjoy all the benefits that forests give us, now and in the future.”

Consumers will now be watching to make sure that businesses keep to their pledges. Choosing FSC-certified materials and promoting them using the FSC trademarks, can help by both by ensuring responsible procurement and supporting customer engagement.

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*Face-to face survey of 1102 UK adults (16 - 65+) conducted by TNS (Fieldwork 31/01/2018 - 04/02/2018)

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