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Friday, 15 March 2019
Progress made in developing new policy on conversion

The relevant working group is tasked with developing a holistic policy on conversion, as part of implementing Motion 7 (GA2017). It is comprised of six members equally representing economic, environmental and social interests, in addition to equal representation of the global South and global North.

The working group has been working intensively since August 2018, holding one physical meeting and numerous online meetings bi-monthly to develop the policy. The second face to face meeting was recently held in Bonn, Germany on 19-22 February.

Key topics of discussion followed the terms of reference and operating rules, and included:

1. 1994 cut-off date: To retain, remove or change the rules to address past conversion.

2. Principles for compensation on past conversion, in terms of:

a) Restoration and/or conservation of environmental values

b) Restitution of socio-economic values

3. Concept of acceptable conversion as defined under current FSC rules

Another technical working group will be established in the future to translate the policy into operational practice to complete the requirements of the Motion.

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