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Friday, 03 May 2019
Beyond the Box - Recycling Mission

Beyond the Box - photo credit: John Nguyen/PA Wire (© John Nguyen/PA Wire)© John Nguyen/PA Wire

Growing media interest about the environmental impact of packaging, new government policy and reshaped packaging strategies adopted by leading retailers has pushed packaging to the forefront of our minds.

That’s why the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI), has launched the Beyond the Box campaign.

Thinking Beyond the Box

With the aim of educating the nation about the sustainable credentials of corrugated cardboard, Beyond the Box seeks to inspire us all to take action, and ultimately re-shape Britain’s approach to packaging.

With a recycling rate of over 80%, corrugated cardboard has the best UK recycling record of any packaging material. In fact, through recycling, valuable paper fibres are reused again and again – between 7 and 9 times.

But what does the general public think?

Britain’s recycling woes:

Research for Beyond the Box shows that two in three Brits admit they’re worried about packaging and the types of materials used to package their favourite products. One in twenty even claim that packaging as the biggest concern of their life.

To demonstrate the weighty responsibility we all feel, Beyond the Box marked Global Recycling Day (18 March 2019) by commissioning a striking sculpture, depicting the Ancient Greek figure, Atlas, and his fabled globe.

Standing at seven-feet tall, the imposing statue was crafted using 420 layers of FSC certified double flute corrugated cardboard, weighing 80kg.

This visual brought Britain’s recycling concerns to life, acting as a stark reminder that, like Atlas, when it comes to being more sustainable, the weight of the world lies with us.

How to become an eco-warrior:

So, what can we all do to be more sustainable? Well, the Beyond the Box research reveals that 36% of Brits admit to putting their recycling in the domestic rubbish due to confusion about what can and can’t be recycled.

With this in mind, Beyond the Box has a couple of quick tips to help make everyday changes that will contribute to a greener tomorrow:

1. Know the logos

Don’t be afraid to ask for help on what you can and can’t recycle. A good place to start is to learn the logos. If you need any advice or guidance on recycling specifically in your area, have a chat with your local council.

2. Flatten those boxes

If you’re an online shopaholic with a constant stream of deliveries, you’ll know the familiar sight of boxes and packages at your door. If your order comes in a cardboard box, the good news is that it can be recycled – just remember to flatten your cardboard boxes to make the best use of space in your recycling bin.

For more tips from Beyond the Box, visit the website.

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