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Monday, 24 June 2013
High Conservation Value - Common Guidance Consultation Launched

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Over the past couple of years FSC has been working with others to provide Guidance on the High Conservation Value (HCV) concept with a focus on forests. With the help of the HCV Resource Network and others, a draft set of guidance, which has been available since June 2012, has been produced. Since then Proforest (Ellen Brown), on behalf of the HCV Resource Network, has been working on an updated guidance document for HCV identification across different ecosystems and land uses (not just forests and related ecosystems). This is now the final round of consultation for the draft document.

As a member of the HCV Network and the originator of the HCV concept, FSC is assisting by reaching out to our networks, and in particular HCV practitioners – people who are conducting HCV assessments and who need to make decisions on what is or is not an HCV, based on best available data and stakeholder consultation.

This is where we would greatly appreciate your input. This Common Guidance will only be as useful for people – as the quality of practitioners feedback.

The main challenge for Ellen as editor is to provide strong enough guidance – but at the same time to avoid narrow definitions and rigid rules. The document should give useful advice – but not be too prescriptive.

It would be great if you could “book” an hour or so of your time to carefully read through the document and provide Ellen with your comments - especially in Section 5. Your efforts would be greatly appreciated.

Please note that this guidance is only focused on identification of HCVs and not on the broader issues of management to maintain and enhance HCVs. Guidance on management will be produced specific to FSC requirements and will be further refined and consulted in due course.

Document under consultation

The draft HCV Common Guidance is out for public consultation until 17 July 2013. Please send your feedback to Ellen Brown at ellen at proforest point net. Please note that for all languages other than English then there will be an extension of the consultation period of 2 weeks to the 31 July 2013.

The draft HCV Common Guidance is available for download here.

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