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Thursday, 01 August 2019
Certificate Status Watch

FSC certificate holders and promotional trademark licence holders can monitor the status of their suppliers' certificates using the certificate status watch tool, available via the FSC trademark portal.

Once logged in to the portal, the tool can be accessed via the ‘Certificate Status Watch’ link in the left-hand menu. Certificates can be added to the watch list by entering the corresponding FSC licence code (FSC-CXXXXXX). The list can also be exported as a CSV file.

The certificate status watch tool allows you to quickly and easily check the certified status of your suppliers to make sure they are still able to supply you with FSC-certified products. In addition, you will receive an automatic email if any of the listed certificates are suspended or terminated (after a 14-day grace period).

Certificate holders are granted access to the portal via their FSC-accredited certification body, promotional trademark licence holders via their trademark service provider (e.g. FSC UK). Passwords can be reset via the link at

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