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Tuesday, 25 June 2013
Million Hectare Milestone for the Borneo Initiative

The Borneo Initiative

One million more hectares of responsibly managed forest in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

The total forest acreage being managed in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea due to the Borneo Initiative now tops one million hectares. On 11 June the tenth FSC certificate was awarded to logging company PT Indexim Utama in Central Kalimantan. This award means that a further 52,480 hectares has been added to FSC-certified forest, thereby boosting the total acreage of sustainably managed forest to 1.105.440 million hectares. The Borneo Initiative aims to boost the area of FSCcertified forest in Indonesia and surrounding countries by four million hectares in 2014 and a total of eight million hectares in 2016.

FSC is an internationally accepted certification system aimed at safeguarding the legal and sustainable utilisation of forests while respecting the ecology and the interests of workers and local inhabitants.

The Borneo Initiative was started in the Netherlands with the aim of boosting both supply and demand for legally and sustainably produced tropical hardwood. The Borneo Initiative offers timber companies in Indonesia and surrounding countries financial support as they undertake the process of gaining certification for their forestry management. In addition it offers support in forging trade links with timber buyers in the Netherlands, Europe and the United States.

The first agreements with logging companies were forged in 2010. Since then The Borneo Initiative has concluded agreements with 36 timber companies, together accounting for a forest acreage of 3.6 million hectares. Of these 10 have since gained a FSC certificate. Thanks to The Borneo Initiative, the acreage of FSC certified forest in Indonesia has doubled.

Some 23 million hectares of tropical rainforest in Indonesia have been awarded in the form of logging concessions. By stipulating conditions governing where the timber comes from and how the forest is managed, market players can promote the sustainability and good management of these forests.

About The Borneo Initiative
The Borneo Initiative is a non-profit foundation based in The Netherlands, dedicated to slowing down forest loss or degradation in the tropics, with a special focus on Borneo. With offices in the Netherlands and Jakarta, the assistance focuses on forest concessions which manage natural forest and promote sustainable management according to the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The Borneo Initiative receives funding from the private sector, including construction companies such as Royal BAM Group NV, Bouwfonds Property Development, Steffex Handelsmaatschappij plus a number of housing associations, all important end-users of Indonesian timber. In addition, funding is received from the Dutch government via The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) and private charities e.g. Adessium Foundation and the Postcode

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