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Monday, 01 July 2013
Public Consultation on Revised Controlled Wood National Risk Assessment Documents Launched

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FSC would like to invite you to comment on the first set of documents related to the revision of the Controlled Wood system as per Motion 51 approved by the FSC membership at the 2011 General Assembly to “Strengthening the Controlled Wood system”.

The documents available for download below were developed by the chamber-balanced Controlled Wood Technical Committee (CWTC) that has been appointed by the FSC Board of Directors to implement the Motion.

This set of documents includes the revised procedure (FSC-PRO-60-002) for the development of National Risk Assessments (NRA) and the newly developed addendum containing requirements for a proposed new process of risk determination, called the National Risk Assessment Framework (FSC-STD-60-002b).

The revision of FSC-PRO-60-002 and the development of FSC-PRO-60-002b is needed to resolve stakeholder concerns about the current content of the Controlled Wood standard FSC-STD-40-005 and difficulties in interpretation of requirements for risk assessments.

While we are seeking feedback from all FSC members and stakeholders to help us creating a robust and credible process of National Risk Assessment development, FSC Network Partners and working groups who are or might become involved in the development of National Risk Assessment are especially encouraged to submit their comments. The same applies to CoC-certified operations sourcing Controlled Wood as they will have to work on the basis of approved National Risk Assessment in future.

Proposed improvements to the Controlled Wood system

  • Introduction of the concept of detailed National Risk Assessments
  • Introduction of the requirements for specifying risk with the National Risk Assessment by requiring an assessment that results in either “Low Risk” or “Specified risk”
  • Introduction of control measures or actions to develop control measures for risk mitigation in ‘specified risk’ areas
  • Expansion of the scope of the categories and improved requirements to make the current Controlled Wood categories “work”

Main changes in FSC-PRO-60-002

  • New option for the development of National Risk Assessments in countries without FSC Network Partners
  • Elimination of the Annex 2 of FSC-STD-40-005 (current requirements for National Risk Assessment development)
  • Clarification that NRAs must provide risk specification for all 5 categories of Controlled Wood
  • Standardization of National Risk Assessments due to the new National Risk Assessment Framework (FSC-PRO-60-002b)

The goals of FSC-PRO-60-002b

  • Establishing a globally-consistent, chamber-balanced, and rigorous approach for assessment and designation of risk associated with the five controlled wood risk categories
  • Providing local stakeholders a transparent process for contributing input to risk designations in areas where they live and work
  • Providing National Offices and stakeholders mechanisms for creating risk mitigation measures appropriate and effective for local conditions
  • Eliminating redundant efforts by companies for assessing risk conditions in areas where they operate

Your Participation
Please note, where the CWTC did not reach consensus, questions have been posed to members and stakeholders for consultation. The main goal associated with the consultation is to seek stakeholder feedback on these questions. Feedback will be carefully analysed and incorporated in subsequent drafts with the aim of meeting stakeholder expectations and further improvement of the Controlled Wood system.

Please provide your comments using the attached comment form and send them to Joanna Nowakowska at j.nowakowska at fsc point org.

The deadline for comments is 31 August 2013.

We strongly count on your input!

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