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Monday, 01 July 2013
New Dairy Roadmap Environmental Sustainability Report Sets FSC Targets for Paper-Based Dairy Packaging

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The Dairy Roadmap Environmental Sustainability Report highlights the commitment of farmers to produce more while impacting less, and two of the new goals in the latest report set targets for the paper used in dairy carton packaging to be FSC certified.

The Dairy Roadmap taskforce features more than 25 organisations from across Britain’s dairy industry including farming representatives, retailers, dairy manufacturers, government and industry partners. Together, these organisations define targets and produce regular reports on progress that the industry is making on environmental matters.

The report states that by 2015, 80% of paper-based dairy packaging should be FSC certified and that by 2020, this should have increased to 100%.  These goals reflect Dairy Roadmap’s requirement to keep pace with current environmental best practice and the wider sustainability landscape.

The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE) UK, which provides a platform for the industry to profile and benchmark cartons as a renewable, recyclable and low carbon packaging choice, has welcomed the new Dairy Roadmap Environmental Sustainability Report.

ACE UK chief executive Richard Hands said “We are happy to sign up to this commitment, alongside the ultimate aim of having 100% of carton packages in dairy carrying the FSC label by 2020. We will be working closely with our customers and the retailers to achieve this.

“The sustainable use of renewable resources has a vital part to play in reducing carbon in the supply chain and, in the case of forests, providing habitat and improving biodiversity. The FSC logo on the package is the hallmark of responsible forest management and traceability, giving assurance that the highest environmental standards are being applied.” 

FSC UK welcomes the targets agreed on by The Dairy Roadmap taskforce.

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