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Tuesday, 01 September 2020
Small Woods Project Update – Low Intensity Management Standard Submitted to UKWAS Review

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Back in December we told you about the interesting turn our Small Woods project had taken, resulting in not one but two draft standards. At that point we mentioned our intention of submitting one of those standards as an input to the formal process to review and revise the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS).

With the review of UKWAS now underway, we have included the current draft of the Low Intensity Management Standard as part of FSC UK’s input to a risk review. You can download the draft standard, including a short explanatory preamble, below.

“Taking account of scale, intensity and risk in woodland management is a key element in development of FSC national forest stewardship standards,” says FSC UK Forest Standards Manager Dr Owen Davies. “It’s a vital part of making sure that standards are applicable and accessible to all types of ownership and management. The work of our Small Woods project Standards Development Group is a huge contribution to thinking on this subject, and we trust that the UKWAS Working Group will give it the consideration it deserves.”

Two members of our Small Woods project team, Amanda Calvert from the Small Woods Association and Maria Wilding from Llais y Goedwig, are also members of the UKWAS Working Group. If the group decides, on the basis of the review, that UKWAS should be revised there will be plenty of opportunities to influence the development of the standard, including any attempts to account for scale, intensity and risk.

The draft Low Intensity Management Standard is only part of FSC UK’s input to the UKWAS review; you can read more here.

As we mentioned in our update in April, we are still taking forward work on a separate Small Woods Standard. We’ve had a lot of interest from owners of small woods in supporting this work by being kept informed of developments and consulted on drafts, and possibly even contributing to testing the standard in the field – many thanks to all those who have signed up. We’re still looking for a range of social and environmental stakeholders to make sure that the standard takes account of a broad range of interests; anyone who would like to support this work should get in touch with Owen at owen at fsc-uk point org. Also, please feel free to contact Owen at any time if you have questions about the UKWAS review process.

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