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Tuesday, 05 January 2021
Sustainable Packaging Report

A new report from Soil Association highlights the benefits of certified paper packaging and some of the innovations in the industry.

Urgent action is required across the board to reduce overall packaging use and to secure a future that’s free from plastic pollution. Individuals, businesses, governments, public bodies, and non-governmental organisations all need to work together to find innovative solutions.

With the demand for paper and card packaging growing, it’s a great packaging option for businesses to consider, especially when it also has such strong sustainability credentials.

Soil Association's 'The Sustainable Packaging Report: The case for paper' explores:

  • what advantages certified paper offers as a packaging material choice,
  • the applications it’s appropriate for, and
  • examples of paper packaging innovations and applications for businesses.

It also provides information on how to source certified paper and card packaging.

Click here to download the report to find out more about the key findings and the many exciting innovations that have been made in the packaging sector, as well as more resources available to brands, retailers and manufacturers.

FSC and Packaging

For more information on how the FSC system applies to packaging please see our FSC and Packaging brochure here. For information on the FSC trademarks and how to gain authorisation to use them to promote products or packaging click here.

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