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Wednesday, 09 June 2021
FSC UK Strategic Priorities 2021-24

Dalby Forest (© Jennifer Ball)© Jennifer Ball

Our new strategic plan builds on our previous three-year plans and is developed in the context of FSC’s global vision and mission and our own charitable objectives. It also takes into account the updated Global Strategy for FSC.

The following priorities have been agreed:

  • Promote the value of forests and demonstrate the impact and benefits of FSC
  • Support FSC globally and encourage stakeholder engagement to ensure that the FSC system is fit for purpose, accessible, relevant and trusted
  • Improve standards for forest management in the UK for all sizes and types of forest
  • Support UK based licence holders to maximise the demand for FSC products
  • Promote the FSC system, FSC certification and the specification of FSC-certified products

These strategic priorities are underpinned by our work to:

  • Ensure that FSC UK pursues its objectives as a registered charity, meets its legal and charitable obligations and operates as a professional organisation that values its people

Much of the work is a continuation of our previous priorities. Improving standards for forest management in the UK, supporting our licence holders and promoting FSC are fundamental aspects of our work as a National Office and remain as priorities for the coming three years.

As well as our work on the revision of our National Forest Stewardship Standard we will continue with our work to try to make FSC more accessible to smallholders and to promote the Ecosystem Services procedure. However, we also recognise that certification might not work for everyone and that we must consider other ways of supporting improvements in the management of small woods.

Supporting certificate holders and retailers to maximise the market for FSC products is stated as one of the means by which we meet our charitable objectives. We believe that it is essential that we support those companies committed to the FSC system. Linked to this is our ongoing work to drive demand for FSC products and services.

To achieve FSC’s 2050 vision of resilient forests sustaining life on Earth, the world’s forests must be treasured for the value and benefits they provide. The Global Strategy places a strong focus on provision of impact data as part of FSC’s value proposition to certificate holders and stakeholders

The new UK plan recognises the role of FSC UK in promoting the value of forests and demonstrating the impact and benefits of FSC.

The new Global Strategy identifies the co-creations of solutions as the core strength of FSC. We believe that an increased focus on stakeholder engagement will help us, as a global organisation, to inform and improve the FSC system. We recognise the importance of our three chambered governance structure and the need to ensure that FSC is recognised as the most credible forest certification scheme.

Annual deliverables and key performance indicators will be agreed under each objective, enabling us to set short-term goals and measure progress. In 2021-22, for example, there is a strong emphasis on our small woods work and on the furniture and fashion value chains. The next three years will inevitably bring new challenges for FSC UK but we also see new opportunities. We believe this plan provides clarity in terms of our overarching priorities and objectives, but it is a dynamic document and will evolve.

We would like to thank the FSC UK Board of Directors and all the members who provided input to the new priorities.

"The updated FSC UK Strategic Plan provides a great basis to focus on 2 key areas of strategic importance for the ongoing success of FSC in the European region. Firstly communicating and promoting the value of FSC to different audiences is vital to ensure that FSC continues to be positioned as the best and most trusted tool to enable Forest Stewardship around the world. Secondly to refresh and re-energize stakeholders who have an interest in FSC to get more active in its development and direction through membership is a key part of our value as a global membership based organization.

FSC UK plays a leading role in the FSC Network and less mature Network Partners look up to the UK for inspiration, support and direction as their own local organizations evolve and develop; again a vital aspect of our ambition at FSC International to ensure that FSC is rooted in local geographies and realities across the world. We are looking forward to supporting FSC UK to deliver their latest Strategic Plan." Anand Punja, European Regional Director

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