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Tuesday, 05 October 2021
FSC UK joins the Climate Cymru movement

Climate Cymru and COP26 flag (© Climate Cymru)© Climate Cymru

FSC UK has become one of the latest members of Climate Cymru, as part of a network of not-for-profit organisations based in Wales.

Climate Cymru is gathering voices from all over Wales and making sure they are heard by the people in power. It is the leading Wales-based campaign focused on COP26, with 170 partner organisations from all sectors of society.

This network is drawn from across Welsh civil society and beyond. Now, FSC UK are a part of the diverse and powerful set of voices for modern Wales.

Rosie Teasdale, FSC Executive Director, explains how important it is that FSC UK is a part of this growing network. “Sustainable forest management and the use of recycled forest-based materials can help to mitigate climate change and we believe FSC has an important role to play in this context. However, it is clear that we need to join forces and collaborate with others to address the climate and nature emergencies. Through partnerships such as Climate Cymru we can hope to get our voices heard.”

It is the aim of Climate Cymru to tell leaders to protect what we love from the climate and nature emergencies. Climate Cymru want to make sure leaders arrive at the summit with the voices of Wales ringing in their ears.

By the time the UN COP26 climate summit comes round in November 2021. Climate Cymru have a target to gather 10,000 people to tell them just how much they care.

There are 5 campaign principles

  • It’s on government
  • We want real change
  • We’re Welsh and international
  • We’re for everyone
  • You own the message
  • We’re hopeful

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