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Tuesday, 26 October 2021
FSC Core Labour Requirements Implementation Update

cORE LABOUR REQUIREMENTS Implementation update (© iStock agnormark)© iStock agnormark

Several new documents are available to support the implementation of the latest FSC Chain of Custody standard requirements.

FSC have published a non-normative guidance document on the implementation of the FSC core labour requirements with advice for both certificate holders and certification bodies. You can find the guidance document here.

Core Labour Requirements Self-Assessment National Templates
Numerous national adaptations of the CLR self-assessment form have been published on FSC International website. The current format of a ZIP file is temporary until FSC find a better way to display them. Currently there are national templates for the following countries:
Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK, US.

UK Self-Assessment Template
With the revision of FSC-STD-40-004 V3-1, certificate holders are required to complete a self-assessment of their conformance to FSC core labour requirements.

We have created a beta version of a UK national template to assist FSC certificate holders and organisations wishing to become certificate holders to demonstrate compliance with the requirements. We will continue to develop this over the transition period as input is received through feedback from certificate holders and certification bodies. We also expect to learn from the initial audits conducted by FSC accredited certification bodies and will update our template accordingly.

In our template, you will see we have provided suggested examples of evidence that can be used to demonstrate compliance. In order to keep our template concise and accessible we have chosen not to reference UK national legislation directly. The UK national legislation most relevant to the FSC Core Labour Requirements is listed in the FSC Controlled Wood National Risk Assessment and on the ILO page of ratified conventions (links to these are provided within the template).

Our template is an optional tool and certificate holders may create their own if preferred.

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