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Friday, 09 August 2013
Bristol Zoo are Grilling for Gorillas and Promoting FSC!

Bristol Zoo are Grilling for Gorillas and Promoting FSC! (© Bristol Zoo)© Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo has launched ‘Grill for Gorillas’, a brand new conservation campaign dedicated to promoting the Forest Stewardship Council.  Bristol Zoo is encouraging guests to look for the FSC logo on any barbecue product they purchase this summer, giving consumers the ability to identify wood products which have been sourced from well-managed forests.

There will be many activities taking place throughout the summer holidays, tying in with the reopening of Bristol Zoo’s Gorilla House.

Activities include:

  • Children are being taught to recognise the FSC logo with the help of the Zoopermarket game, requiring children to race to collect as many FSC products as they can in their shopping basket, before the buzzer sounds!
  • Recycled scraps of material have been used to allow children to make FSC pledges, which will go up on display around the Zoo throughout the summer.
  • Volunteers will be wearing FSC badges during the summer holidays and answering questions about FSC.
  • Campaign wristbands with the FSC logo allow children to match the logo to products when they go shopping with their families.
  • A huge map of Bristol will be labelled to show the locations of stores that stock FSC barbecue products.
  • Daily talks on everything from bats to lemurs have been adapted to include the FSC message, reaching an audience of over 250 guests each day.
  • Bristol Zoo’s Charcoal Cabin will be selling 3kg bags of Bar-be-quick Instant Lite and Bioregional charcoal for buy one get one half-price!

Bristol Zoo is expecting to welcome over 100,000 guests during the summer holidays, thereby giving the opportunity to make a meaningful change.

We are also excited to announce that Bristol Zoo is one of our newest FSC Trademark Licence Holders!

FSC UK supporters are able to get 20% off the price of entry!  Further information about our supporters programme can be found here.

Bristol Zoo(c) Bristol ZooBristol Zoo are Grilling for Gorillas and Promoting FSC! (© (c) Bristol Zoo)© (c) Bristol Zoo

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