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Friday, 27 September 2013
Happy FSC Friday!

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FSC Friday 2013 - Love the forest? Look for the logo!

Today (Friday 27th September 2013) the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) invites you to celebrate FSC Friday, an annual, global celebration of forests and responsible forestry. FSC Friday can be celebrated in many different ways, large and small.

Last year, events were held in 23 countries around the world and celebrated by everyone from French festival-goers to British bookworms, Russian writers to Italian innovators and Brazilian businesses to Cypriot companies.

“FSC Friday offers a great opportunity for everyone to think about what forests mean to them and learn more about how FSC certification can help to protect these precious spaces”, Kim Carstensen, FSC Director General.

The world’s forests are home to as much as 90% of land-based animal and plant life; the livelihoods of 1.6 billion people depend on them, and they also help to regulate the climate. Not only are forests essential to the wellbeing of our planet, but they’re also great spaces for play, adventure and relaxation.

Sadly, forests are often over-exploited, degraded or destroyed all together. However, there is a way we can protect them whilst also enjoying the many amazing resources they offer.

What if your choice of garden furniture or even bathroom tissue could help to save the lives of endangered wildlife, conserve rare plants and support some of the poorest people in the world? The choices you make when buying forest products made from wood, paper, cork or even natural rubber can help to protect the world’s forests – simply look for the FSC label on the products you buy and you can be confident that your purchases have been responsibly sourced.

Whether you’re an individual, a group or a business, join in this FSC Friday and help to raise awareness of the importance of responsible forestry and the FSC logo! For more information on how you can get involved visit

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