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Monday, 14 July 2014
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Activate your profile and promote your FSC certified products FSC Marketplace

FSC Marketplace is an online platform connecting 29,000 FSC certified businesses in more than 100 countries around the world. From community forest owners in Tanzania to furniture makers in China, it strengthens networks by bringing together buyers, suppliers and traders – helping secure the future of the world’s forests.

FSC Marketplace will include profiles of FSC certified companies from the whole forest products industry – from logging operations, timber merchants and brokers, to manufacturers, pulp and paper producers and furniture makers. FSC certificate holders are asked to register and update the basic certificate information already provided with marketing information about their company and key products. Businesses can present, free of charge, their company name and contact details alongside information about their finished and unfinished products and the tree species they use.

Click here to activate your company profile on FSC Marketplace.

“We believe this much-needed tool will help promote the FSC brand, and make it easier for businesses all over the world to use, buy and sell FSC certified materials and products. FSC certified businesses are encouraged to register on the website and to start populating their profiles now.” Says project leader, Alina Eva Freund. "Businesses play an important role in securing the future of forests," continued Freund, "and we want to facilitate access to the FSC's strong network of forward-thinking businesses worldwide."

For further information or support on FSC Marketplace please contact us at fsc at fsc-uk point org.
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