Technical Updates

Thursday, 05 October 2017
Making a move towards digital

As FSC moves in a new digital direction, we’re ensuring that we’re hiring the right people for the job. People who understand our vision for the future, and who have the skills to make that vision a reality.

Introducing our new IT Director, Michael Marus. Michael has the quintessential skills to ensure that FSC’s move to digital is a success. Michael has extensive background with NGOs, and with moving organisations in a new direction. His strategic skills and comprehensive knowledge of web-based data, information and knowledge management systems guarantee that he is the perfect person to move FSC forward.

Michael’s previous experience includes a nine-year stint at CGIAR, an organisation dedicated to advancing international agricultural research for food security, where he implemented the CGIAR strategy, improved its web-based data and information and knowledge management systems and provided strategic guidance for the IT team.

Before that, Michael held the position of Assistant Vice President at Citigroup based in New York, NY, where he directed data management and IT operations. He has also worked for the United Nations World Food Programme as a senior IT consultant and in 2015 was awarded the InsideNGO Honourable Mention for Operational Excellence in Information Technology.

With a double major BA in Mathematical Sciences and Music, a Master’s degree in Music, and an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation (from MIT Business School), Michael is well-qualified to be the steering force for FSC’s digital revolution.

Michael plans to transform the FSC IT system rapidly, ensuring the system will be agile and capable in cutting-edge technologies, efficient in the delivery of services and scaling, and embedded with key business innovators.

Transforming the OCP

As part of our IT transformation, the ownership of the FSC Online Claims Platform (OCP) has now moved from Historic Futures to FSC, and will be managed by Michael and his team.

Michael explains why: “We still believe that the intention behind the OCP was the right one, but we must also realize that the platform does not work for our stakeholders in its current form. If it did, uptake would be larger. We will therefore evaluate the platform to identify whether it is fit to deliver on our credibility promises. If it is, we will adapt it to fit user needs. If not, we will start fresh. Taking over ownership will bring us the flexibility to do what is needed.

We still see that FSC will need to implement a transaction verification tool to prevent false claims in the long term. Whether this tool will be OCP or something completely different we do not know – however we do know that whatever the platform, it must fit user needs and be simpler and bring more benefit to our stakeholders than our current solution.”

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