Technical Updates

Tuesday, 13 November 2012
Online Claims Platform- Streamlining the validation process


The aim of the FSC online claims platform is to be able to remedy any issues with the veracity or authenticity of an FSC claim in a timely manner, for example within 48 hours.

In addition, the platform will streamline the processes for validating FSC claims to ensure that they are scalable as FSC certificates continue to grow.

The FSC is working with Historic Futures, an innovative technology company in the UK, to implement the online claims platform to work alongside the existing FSC Chain of Custody system.

The new FSC online claims platform will be based on Historic Futures existing traceability platform, known as ‘String’.

String is already used extensively by companies all over the world to manage production information online and has been shown to be highly scalable and effective even in remote areas.

The FSC online claims platform, built on String, benefits the FSC community by reducing data entry requirements by up to 50% through the new ‘One Shipment, One Record’ approach.

The platform will also provide automatic verification of the certification status of FSC suppliers along with support for managing material accounting records, volume summaries and reporting features to help streamline annual audits.

For more information on the FSC online claims platform, please visit the Claims-Forum

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