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Wednesday, 16 January 2019
Review report of FSC Principles and Criteria is open for public consultation until 6 March

The report on the revision of the FSC Principles and Criteria (Version 5-2) is available for a public consultation until 6 March 2019. The main proposal is that FSC should wait until 2023 to revise its Principles and Criteria because the transition of all FSC national standards to the latest Principles and Criteria (Version 5-2) is still ongoing.

The FSC Principles and Criteria for Forest Stewardship are the essential requirements that determine environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management. They are the foundation of the FSC forest certification scheme.

According to the Preamble of the FSC Principles and Criteria (P&C) “the next review of the FSC Principles and Criteria shall occur within three years of the approval of the International Generic Indicators, with a view to completion of any necessary revisions within two years of the review.”

Therefore, the FSC International Board of Directors has mandated the FSC International Performance and Standards team in its meeting in March 2018 to conduct a review of the P&C accordingly.

In the review report, PSU concludes to not initiate a revision process of the P&C at this time and proposes to conduct the next regular review of the P&C in 2023. This will allow for enough time to gain field experience once the transition of all National Forest Stewardship Standards to the latest P&C has been completed, including on the new option of applying a risk-based approach.

The review report is open for public consultation until 6 March 2019 at FSC Consultation Platform

NOTE: The review report was first launched through the FSC Consultation Platform on 28 December 2018. It was only available in English at that stage. Due to a technical issue on 9 January, over 30 responses could not be extracted. Therefore, we kindly ask those who had already responded prior to that date to submit the form again through the consultation platform. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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