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Wednesday, 04 September 2013
Consultation Launched on FSC's Modular Approach Program

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Two draft Standards and two draft Advice Notes are submitted for public consultation as part of the development of the FSC MAP (Modular Approach Program).

For the first time FSC will be able to provide structured support to non-certified producers who have a commitment to becoming FSC certified but who need help and/or motivation to achieve this goal. MAP provides a lower entry level to the FSC system and allows for a more pro-poor approach to certification. It is also FSC’s response to new demand for legal verification, but in a framework that incentivizes Forest Management Organizations to keep improving their forest management practices and not just strive for the minimum. MAP creates an effective compliance link between each step so that each incremental improvement increases both the ability to achieve the next step as well as the overall ability to the meet the full standard. Finally, MAP is designed with a claims system that allows limited market benefits at the intermediate steps.

With this consultation, we are presenting you 2 standards and 2 Advice Notes for your feedback.


  • FSC-STD-30-006 includes the requirements for FM Organizations participating in MAP
  • FSC-STD-20-014 includes the requirements for CBs for assessing FM Organizations participating in MAP

Advice Notes:

  • ADVICE-40-004-XX including the Chain of Custody requirements
  • ADVICE-50-004 including the Trademark Use and Claims requirements

These Advice Notes are needed to bridge the time until the next revision of the Chain of Custody and Trademark standards, when these requirements will be incorporated.

The documents can be viewed here and will be open for public consultation for a period of 60 days, after which time they will be revised with the feedback received from stakeholders.

Please send your comments to v.linforth at fsc point org by using the comments form you can find here.

The deadline for comments is 01 November 2013.

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