FSC UK 2013 Poster Competition

Theme: Why should shoppers look for the FSC logo?

Theme: Why should shoppers look for the FSC logo?We invited you to design a poster telling shoppers why they should look for the FSC logo when buying wood and paper products.  We received lots of entries from across the UK!

It was apparent from the entries that we received that a lot of effort was put into the poster designs and that there was also a great understanding of the importance of responsible forestry.

We are pleased to announce our winners, which have been chosen based on the design (such as the use of colour) and how well the messages of the importance of responsible forestry and looking for the FSC logo are conveyed.

Well done to all of the winners!  All winners and runners up will receive a goody bag including art products that have been kindly donated by STABILO and FSC certified art canvases donated by Quay Imports.

Category: Age 6 and under

1st place: Alyssa

Alyssa, year 2: Raglan Primary School (Monmouthshire)

2nd place: Maisie

Maisie Earp (age 5) - Powys

Category: age 7-8

1st place: Tali

Tali (age 7) - Raglan Primary School (Monmouthshire)

2nd place: Amelie

Amelie (age 7) - Raglan Primary School (Monmouthshire)

Category: Age 9

1st place: Lyra

Lyra (age 9) - Inverness-shire

2nd place: Yve

Yve Ward (age 9) - Cambridgeshire

Category: Age 10

1st place: India

India Harris (age 10) - Raglan Primary School (Monmouthshire)

2nd place: Jonathan

Jonathan Pearce (age 10) - Raglan Primary School (Monmouthshire)

Category: Age 11 - 16

1st place: Lily

Lily Marchant (age 14) - Gloucestershire

2nd place: Emily-Rose

Emily-Rose O'Neill (age 11) - Durham

Category: Senior

1st place: Rebecca Beesley

Rebecca Beesley - Kent

2nd place: Richard Beesley

Richard Beesley - Kent

Thank you...

... to STABILO and Quay Imports for supporting our poster competition with prizes and to Juice Creative Design for providing some top tips!

Quay Imports
Juice Creative Design


STABILO became the first wooden pencil producer to be FSC certified many years ago, making it a pioneer in the support of controlled, ecologically responsible forestry.

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Quay Imports

Quay Imports' Woodcraft Construction Kits are FSC certified.  The kits are sturdy wooden models made from pre-cut plywood sheets that come ready to assemble and have proved popular with children and adults alike.  By choosing FSC products Quay Imports customers can ensure that their kits are both fun to build and environmentally friendly.

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Juice Creative Design

"Here at Juice Creative, our corporate colour has always been green. The FSC certificate proves our working practices are too".

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We would also like to award a few commendations...

Mina (age 4) - HampshireMina (age 4) - Hampshire

Lauren (age 8) - Raglan Primary School (Monmouthshire)Lauren (age 8) - Raglan Primary School (Monmouthshire)

Deimile (age 9) - Cavalry Primary School (Cambridgeshire)Deimile (age 9) - Cavalry Primary School (Cambridgeshire)

Charlie (age 5) - Raglan Primary SchoolCharlie (age 5) - Raglan Primary School

Hayley Morris and Ellie Milling (age 9) - Dunecht School (Aberdeenshire)Hayley Morris and Ellie Milling (age 9) - Dunecht School (Aberdeenshire)

Alanna (age 9) - Raglan Primary School (Monmouthshire)Alanna (age 9) - Raglan Primary School (Monmouthshire)

Juice Creative Design provided some top tips:

1. Be simple – A single-minded approach is always best. Look for that one great idea and communicate it in a clear, memorable way.

2. Be hard-hitting – Most people glance at posters for just a few seconds. If you really want to grab their attention, you’ve got to sock them right between the eyes.
3. Be unexpected – The human mind is stimulated by anything out of ordinary. Make your poster memorable by using imagery in an unusual way.

4. Be consistent – Make sure everything about your poster joins up: images, copylines, supporting text, colours … everything must work together to achieve that common goal: to get noticed.

5. Be playful – Whether the end result is light-at-heart or deadly serious, it’s critical you get a kick out of the creative process. Whatever you end up with – enjoy it!

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