"The Board24 team were delighted to get involved in the FSC Friday celebration. The FSC accreditation is so relevant within the industry and we are keen to do our best to increase awareness and highlight its significance to ensure responsible forestry." Alex Morris, Sales Manager, Board24

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FSC Friday Celebrations by Businesses

FSC Friday has been celebrated by businesses across the UK and the world since FSC Friday started in 2008.

There are many ways in which you can get involved in our global celebration of responsible forestry. We have lots of ideas here and we encourage you to also come up with your own. We can support your event with resources such as posters, bookmarks, pencils and prizes.

Examples of how FSC Friday has been celebrated by organisations over the years can be seen below.

Please get in touch if you would like any further information. Just email fscfriday at fsc-uk point org.

Staff Awareness Raising

“We had a great FSC Friday! Everyone dressed in green, we had stickers and posters all over the premises and we ran a competition treasure hunt for a prize. Everyone was given regular facts about FSC and why we need to be aware of it and support it. Hopefully at the end of the day we all knew a bit more about FSC than we did when we came in.”  - Steve Robinson, Border Oak Design & Construction Ltd

“We all had a really fun day holding silly competitions for the most orders / highest value / largest order per sales rep in the day, whilst also educating our customers on why they should buy FSC products." - A1 Paper

Customer Promotions

Danbury Fencing celebrating FSC Friday 2012 (© Danbury Fencing)© Danbury Fencing“Thank you for organising FSC Friday. Having an event like this is a really good way to focus promotional effort. In early September we mailed out over 10,000 catalogues promoting our FSC products. FSC Friday was a perfect opportunity to promote and remind customers of our FSC ranges.”  - Lion Picture Framing

“It certainly was beneficial offering a 5% discount on FSC products as we had the best Friday sales so far this year.” - A1 Paper

“We had lots of fun and the staff really got behind it. We decked out our shop with lots of flyers and posters and some of the staff even wore green FSC Friday T-shirts and also baked tree-shaped cookies and cupcakes which we handed out to our customers. It was a good day and it really got our customers talking and asking more about FSC and what it is all about.” - Sarah Fothergill, Danbury Fencing Ltd

FSC Friday Cakes

“We had a really successful FSC Friday. In our small team of 6 people we baked cakes for the whole company (150 people) and turned our manager's office into a rainforest area! We played rainforest sounds as well! The cakes were really popular and we gave out FSC leaflets as well as compiling our own fact sheets about how the FSC works with our company. Everyone was really interested in the great work that the FSC does, and they enjoyed the cakes too!”  - Susie Gillis, ABRSM

FSC Friday Office Decorations

“We employ over 200 people at our direct marketing mailing site here in Kettering, Northamptonshire in the UK. Factory notice boards and FSC leaflets helped spread the word along with encouraging staff, via our company on line calendar, to visit their local woods and forests.” - Tony Jenkinson, Compliance Manager, The 4DM Group

Working with the local community

“The purpose of involving children is to make sure they understand where the wood they use comes from and why it is important for it to be traceable and sustainable.” - Vicky Hilton, The Crown Estate

“[The FSC Friday event] brought it home to pupils, that as consumers we have a responsibility to choose products that we know come from well-managed forests, ones that are managed in a way that will benefit future generations.” - Jonathon Marshall, Tomintoul Primary School

Dress in green on FSC Friday

“As you can see everyone entered into the spirit of things by dressing in green - Roll on next year!” - A1 Paper

!All in all our FSC Friday was a huge success and great fun!" - Cyan Group

Other Ways of Celebrating FSC Friday

Simons Group celebrated FSC Friday 2012 by installing a range of bird and insect boxes at their head office in Lincoln: Simons Group celebrated FSC Friday 2012 by installing a range of bird and insect boxes at their head office in Lincoln: “This is a great opportunity to raise the profile of legal and sustainable timber and the availability of properly certified timber products. It was interesting that such a wide range of FSC certified products are available locally. We got the chance to raise awareness of biodiversity on our own small patch of Lincoln landscape by providing space for this year’s hibernation season and next year's nesting season.” - Simons Group, Head of Sustainability, Rosi Fieldson.

Raft celebrated FSC Friday 2012 by holding a special installation at their Tottenham Court Road branch. The installation entitled 'Our Reclamation Journey' followed the journey FSC 100% reclaimed teak makes from factory to store and explained the involvement FSC has within this process.

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