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Frequently Asked Questions

A Quick Guide to FSC Friday

Below we have listed our most frequently asked questions. Of course, if there is anything left unanswered, just email
us at: fscfriday at fsc-uk point org

What is FSC Friday?

FSC Friday is an annual celebration of responsible forestry. Every year, schools, businesses and other organisations across the UK get involved in spreading the word about the importance of responsible forestry and the role of FSC.

FSC Friday was initiated by FSC UK in 2008, but in 2009 it became an international event. In 2015 it was celebrated in 31 countries.

FSC Friday is always celebrated on the last Friday in September.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by attending or holding an event.

Free resources, such as posters, pencils, prizes etc are available from FSC UK. Register via the website and submit your order.

Examples of events organised in previous years may help to inspire you.

What sort of event can I hold in my business?

FSC Friday is a great opportunity for raising awareness of your commitment to sourcing timber and timber products from responsible sources and the benefits of FSC certification!

Businesses have celebrated FSC Friday in various ways over the years, such as holding staff awareness days or offering customer promotions. If you register online, we will send you materials to display and distribute at your workplace.

For more FSC Friday ideas for businesses please click here!

What sort of event can I run in my school?

Schools have celebrated FSC Friday in various creative and fun ways over the years!

Teachers - you can register your school for FSC Friday and we will send you resources to support you, such as posters, education packs, postcards and pencils. On the day, you can hold special sessions for your class about FSC, ask pupils (and teachers) to dress in green, hold FSC inspired lessons and activities... we can also provide you with prizes for competitions! We always encourage schools to come up with new ideas too - your imagination is the limit! We will publish the best new ideas on our website and in our promotional materials.

There are many FSC resources you can use all year round in the class room. You can read about those here.

Pupils - just ask your teacher if your class can get involved with FSC Friday!

What other groups can hold events?

Almost any group can hold an event. Other groups that have held events in the past include, Scouts and Guides, OAP groups and environmental groups. If you think you would like to hold an event but would like to know more, just get in touch: fscfriday at fsc-uk point org

Do I need to hold my event on FSC Friday?

No. A lot of forest events are held over the following weekend, but you can hold your event anytime that suits your organisation. If you always meet on a Tuesday, there is no need to switch to a Friday!

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