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FSC Friday Celebrations by Guiding and Scouting Groups

(c) Central Windsor ScoutsFSC Friday has been celebrated by guiding and scouting groups across the UK since it started in 2008.

There are many ways in which you can get involved in our global celebration of responsible forestry and we also encourage you or come up with your own ideas! We can support your event with resources such as posters, bookmarks and pencils. Please click here to register for resources.

Perhaps FSC Friday could support the attainment of one of the following badges:

  • Beaver Scouts - the Adventure Activity Badge or the Explore Activity Badge.
  • Rainbows - FSC Friday could link to the Rainbows’ Jigsaw as you could visit a local forest, play games or have an FSC Friday celebration. Looking for the FSC logo would also encourage Rainbows to ‘look’ and reinforce the idea that we are part of a wider world.

Examples of how FSC Friday has been celebrated by the Guiding and Scouting movement can be seen below.

Please get in touch if you would like any further information. Just email fscfriday at fsc-uk point org

(c) Woking Beavers
(c) Woking Beavers

"When I heard about FSC Friday I realised that it would fit in well with the traditional values of scouting, which has always tried to give children every opportunity to enjoy being outdoors. I have every confidence that next year it will be even more popular. Thanks for helping to keep the ‘out’ in Scouting!" - Miriam Chapman, Woking District Beaver Scouts

(c) Woking Beavers
(c) Woking Beavers
(c) Woking Beavers

"We had a lovely day – the sun was really hot and the new activities went down a storm – making ‘elf houses’ in the woods was a real success!" - Miriam Chapman, Woking District Beaver Scouts

(c) Central Windsor Scouts
Central Windsor Scouts
(c) Central Windsor Scouts

"To emphasise the role of trees in maintaining our atmosphere, we played a madcap game called Moving Carbon. The Scouts enjoyed the frantic running around and counting their carbon. They did get the message however, that forests have an essential role in the maintenance of our atmosphere. They were shocked to learn that we are cutting down rainforests faster today than ever before - Peter Archibald, Central Windsor Scouts.

(c) 1st Ibstock Guides
1st Ibstock Guides playing the 'Moving Carbon' Game

1st Ibstock Guides played the FSC UK Moving Carbon Game!

The Moving Carbon Game and other activities can be found here.

"It was really interesting to be part of FSC Friday. I learnt a lot." - Lily, Central Windsor Scouts

FSC UK Director Charles Thwaites presenting Central Windsor Scouts with a prize for devising the Moving Carbon Game for FSC Friday! (© Central Windsor Scouts)© Central Windsor Scouts"Only one of the participants had heard of the Forest Stewardship Council before our FSC Friday event but they all now have a good awareness and understanding of the work of FSC. I can think of no better way to engage young people with the importance of carrying their values and beliefs into everyday decisions, like choosing fair and sustainable products". - Peter Archibald,Central Windsor Scouts

(c) Holmedale Scouts"Holmedale Scouts took themselves to the woods for a night of shelter building and education about the FSC. Back at base the Cubs held an FSC awareness competition. Something must have hit home because a few of the Cubs and Scouts then realised that they had seen the FSC brand on their toilet rolls packaging! Connection made, job done!" - Steve Wilson, Holmedale Scouts

The first Cubs to finish the FSC Friday Water trail arranged in Mill Field Wood. (© 1st Bowden Cub Scout Pack)© 1st Bowden Cub Scout Pack"The event went really well - The Cubs loved the water trail around Fleckney Woods." - Sam Gibbs, 1st Bowdens Cub Scout Pack

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