Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!

Have a very merry FSC Christmas with trees, wrap, cards and decorations that benefit the world's forests.


Bringing you the Sweet Stuff

Silver Spoon sugar and Allinson flour come in FSC certified packaging, and that's 1200 tonnes of paper every year!


An insight into Project Certification – 240 Blackfriars

This 19 story commercial office in central London achieved full FSC project certification


FSC UK Annual Review reveals 50% of UK recognise FSC logo

FSC UK have published our 2013/2014 Annual Review - Our Forests Work


FSC UK 2014 Photography Competition

Enter your FSC certified forest and product photos for a chance to win.


Promoting the
of forests worldwide

Environmentally Appropriate

Protecting and maintaining natural communities and high conservation value forests.

Socially Beneficial

Respecting the rights of workers, communities and indigenous peoples.

Economically Prosperous

Building markets, adding best value, and creating equitable access to benefits.


Norway Spruce (© Forestry Commission)
Tuesday, 18.11.2014
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree! read more …

Wednesday, 12.11.2014
New Executive Director for FSC UK read more …

Wednesday, 12.11.2014
Bringing you the Sweet Stuff read more …

Tuesday, 11.11.2014
An insight into Project Certification – 240 Blackfriars read more …


Frosty forest
Monday, 24.11.2014
FSC UK Photography Competition read more …

Wednesday, 12.11.2014
Stakeholder Event: A preview of our new approach to marketing the FSC brand read more …

Friday, 19.09.2014
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Thursday, 18.09.2014
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Technical Updates

Tuesday, 21.10.2014
Phase Out Date for Company Risk Assessments For Sourcing Controlled Wood Extended read more …

Friday, 19.09.2014
BREEAM recognises Forest Stewardship Council read more …

Friday, 19.09.2014
Revised Group, Multi-site and COC accreditation standards read more …