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FSC Friday 2016

Join us for FSC Friday, our annual celebration of responsible forestry, on Friday 30th September

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You can show your support for FSC Friday by joining the FSC Friday Thunderclap. Thunderclap supporters will automatically post the message “Help take care of forests. Choose FSC for responsibly-sourced products! #FSCFriday their Facebook and/or Twitter profile(s) on FSC Friday.

To join the Thunderclap, visit

You can also promote the event with our social media banners, available on request right up until the day itself - just email fscfriday at fsc-uk point org.

How are organisations celebrating this year?

  • Long-standing FSC Friday supporters, Snows Timber have a big event up their sleeve!
  • St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School will be holding a public awareness raising event and running an FSC competition.
  • Border Oak and Construction are set to complete forest pledges and provide cakes as part of an internal awareness raising event!
  • Llanvihangel Crucorney Primary School will be educating pupils about FSC.
  • Good Wood Home Designs started celebrations early at the Cornwall Home & Lifestyle Show and will be following up with in-store promotions on the day.

Why not take a look at the UK map and see who is taking part?

FSC UK is celebrating too! We will be holding two events - a promotional stall at our local primary school - and a treasure hunt and talk in our local FSC certified forest.

Last year, FSC Friday was celebrated by 31 countries across the world including the UK, where over 45 businesses, schools and groups took part by holding awareness raising events, ranging from dressing green and baking cakes to holding presentations and talks.

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