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FSC Friday 2017

FSC Friday, our annual celebration of responsible forestry, took place on 29 Sep 2017

What is FSC Friday?

FSC Friday is a great opportunity to inform and educate people - including employees, students, groups and the general public - of the value of FSC and the vital role forests play in our lives. It is a chance to increase awareness and encourage people to look for the FSC logo and buy FSC certified products.

Send us your FSC Friday stories and photos for a chance to win!

We’ll be awarding prizes for the best submissions in the categories below:

  • Best photo in an FSC certified forest

Ideally taken on FSC Friday, but any photograph taken in an FSC certified forest within the last 12 months is eligible.

  • Best photo of an FSC certified product

Showcase your FSC certified products or production process

  • Best FSC Friday team photo

A photo of your team or organisation celebrating FSC Friday 2017

  • Best FSC Friday customer promotion

In-store, by post, digital or event-based, let us know what you got up to (including at least one photograph)

  • Best in Show

Gone to town for trees? We want to hear about it. If you’ve been shouting FSC from the rooftops, you could be best in show!

Email your stories and photographs to by 13 October 2017.

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